Sunday, November 30, 2014

Three Years

Earlier in the day I had to write a check, and when I asked what the date was, it dawned on me.....Wow, today is the third year anniversary of my accident.   I think it is a good thing that this particular date did not loom
Red Rock Canyon with friends, Nov 30, 2012
over me as it had the first year (I had to plan a trip to NV for that one to keep occupied...and it was great.)   Still, November 30th marks an important life change, and I am honoring that today.

What. a. whirlwind.   Seriously.   I think I have only come to realize recently that I no longer feel like a "patient" (as I had for over two years).   Planning for and recovering from multiple surgeries can really wear on a person and a family.  Not that prosthetic adjustments aren't a drag, but the experience is much different....with the added perks of decreased pain when walking, and support from the amputee community.

Scott and I frequently comment on the increased amount of gray in his hair and sense of tiredness we both feel.  Some of that has to do with having kids as "middle-agers", but a great deal of the fatigue also has to do with lingering issues from my accident.  It can be tempting to long for the pre- accident body (okay, I do every day), but I try to focus more on what I have gained. 

A great sense of community.   Nothing quite brings people together like sharing struggles and triumphs.    And just as I curse a bad leg day or high back pain day, I am reminded of the others who I have met throughout the past three years who are also great warriors in the physical healing journey.   We are a tattered bunch, but I've met so many folks who really rock!

A better handle on priorities.   I used to sweat the small stuff.  A lot.   The things that used to drag me down don't have the grip that they used to.  That is an awesome thing.   Life is too short to worry about stupid shit.

A different focus.   Kind of like savoring a good meal, I'm trying to savor life experiences.   It is a focus on enjoying the journey, with less emphasis on the destination than the rich experience of getting there.    This pertains to parenting as well as all kinds of goals, and is a major shift in thinking.    (It also feels pretty counter-cultural.)

Appreciation.  For my family, friends, and the health of my loved ones.   For new relationships gained.  For the seasons and nature.   For my pets (yes, snuggling with a purring kitty is so therapeutic!).  For the fact that I live in a place where I don't need to worry about war or where my next meal will come from.  For the kindness of people.

Cool Opportunities.   Because being active, for me, is like breathing, it has been super cool to bring my passion for adventure and climbing to others with physical disabilities.   I am enjoying the relationships I am making, and watching the possibilities unfold!

I saw this a while ago, and it seems pretty simple, but it is very true......