Monday, November 30, 2015

Four Years...

I guess you could call this an obligatory post, as it comes on the four-year "trauma-versary" of my climbing fall.    I have not posted regularly for a while....but given today's significance, I figured I should.

It has been a whirlwind, for sure.   I have learned so many things and discovered many corners within myself which have made me a stronger, much more stubborn, compassionate, and resilient person.    I have met so many amazing people as a result of this journey....and I am grateful for so many things.  

Yet rebuilding with a "new normal" is not without its challenges.   We keep on, keeping on.    Climbing is a great metaphor, because this is what we do.  We forge ahead....climb back onboard, and embrace the struggle.   I'm proud of being part of this subset of the population....the survivors.    There are a lot of us, for sure.   If there is anything I can offer after rising from the ashes, so-to-speak, it is a sense of hope.    I'm not talking about the Pollyanna sort of hope, and I'm not talking about achieving anything.   The hope I'm referring to resides in our day-to-day relationships with one another and the courage to continue despite the struggle.   As Brene' Brown states in her book Daring Greatly, to be "out in the arena" and unashamed of our vulnerability.  

So....I figured, why not embrace the significance of today by climbing?   Truthfully, it was a hard day.   I got on a 5.10+ route I had done before and as I neared the top (and the crux) I just sorta shut down.   No warning.....the "four year" mark just hit me.   Life is different.  I'm still adjusting.  Yes, I'm still climbing!   If there is any way I can throw out there the tenacity to not give up......I'm hurling that into the universe.   For everyone embracing challenges in their life right now, I offer the encouragement to breathe, connect, and just....KEEP CLIMBING!