Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Live Woman Walkin' (well, sort of)

Today I received my check socket and took my first steps in a prosthesis.   All of the amputees I've talked to have mentioned the fitting process as being the most frustrating part of the experience.   We spent three hours working on trying to get the fit right.....and this process is likely to continue for several months.
At this point I am able to walk for a very short while, and still have some pain in the anterior part of my tibia (bottom of my shin bone).  We will continue to work on this (ie., I will communicate my experience w/ my prosthetist and he will make needed changes).


(The video above was taken after some modifications, including a change-out of the foot.)
I guess this is how it step at a time.  

Patience grasshopper.............

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