Thursday, December 1, 2016

5 years in Retrospect...Celebrate Life

Looking back on five years post accident, and grateful for so many people who have helped me to embrace life more fully.  Ya'll know who you are.  You rock!

Gracias.....and CLIMB ON!


  1. I am so inspired by your story. I began following your blog this summer after finding the photo you shared online with Dr. Ertl post amputation. Your progress helped me decide to select Dr. Ertl as my doctor. I lost the lower 2/3 of my right foot in a lawn mower accident 35 years ago at the young age of 3 years old. For many years, I lived with pain and limitations. After dozens of surgeries and many prayers, I decided to let my wounded little foot go in exchange for the hope of a freer life. I too am a wife and mother of two young children. My desire is to hike, run and share with others the inspiration that motivates me. I am so grateful you have shared both your struggle and triumph here. You have been a tremendous encouragement to me. Best wishes in your daily life and future adventures!

  2. Lesley, thank you so much for sharing that. I'm sorry you had to endure so many years of pain and frustration! I hope things are improving for you? I just shared with a MD yesterday how I was lucky to have been able to research which doctor would be the best, since, like you, I was also so tired of surgeries! No phantom pain at all... definitely an improvement in quality of life!

    Parenting sure has its challenges, especially when you throw in the rollercoaster ride of dealing with one's own "disability". How are things for you now?